The Genres Get Married

Your brother, Sci-Fi, is already drunk and drifting off near a gardenia arrangement, probably spacing out. Kooky Aunt Magical Realism is in The Front Row in a funny hat, primed to catch the bouquet when it's thrown. You can't place it, but something's always been off about her.

7 Microprompts for Triumph

Normally I only put out a couple of microprompt sets a month, but tonight's a special occasion: I've officially roped fifty of you into following me! Welcome to the Hotel California. You'll never leave. (Except not really--I may love you, but I also respect you have your own path and destination, you know?)

Writer Confessions 5

Creativity is not glamorous. Usually, it's a bit more like trying to shake a wet piece of paper out the bottom of the wastebin. Here are more confessions from and for the put-upon writer. (To all this month's Camp Nano participants, keep it up!)

Writer’s Report

Writing is a business fraught with the potential danger of the FBI busting down your door. You'd be amazed how much obscure garbage the creative process can't do without. Here are some of the (un)usual suspects, straight out of my search history: