Bunk Up, Writers

Campers, pack your laptop bags--it's nearly time for the next session of Camp Nano! I've already written a post dedicated to describing the process and how to succeed, but if you don't know, Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is a huge online resource for launching your next writing project any format or genre welcome and meeting a goal of writing time or quantity. Any format and genre is welcome.

Writer Confessions 2

Writing is the longest, most elaborate improvisation you will ever have to pretend is not an improvisation. Writers, incidentally, get up to a lot of nonsense they don't really teach you in Lit class. For instance:

“Black Dragon” 2019

"Outside the unintelligible grumbling and angry hissing of dragon language, the home of the draca was known as Dragonhalf, Crown of Dragons. The original words translated into something more like Grave of Dragons, but the two were synonymous to draca. Once assigned, authority could not be escaped by the holder or revoked by those beholden. Unsurprisingly, in the history of draca rulers, only a handful had died from confirmed natural causes. "