Goddesses of Dúrev: Cypress

Mood board of white-themed things. A dancer in a white dress, pearls, seashells, and flowers.

Also known as Kyparissia, Cypress is the goddess of ceremony, harmony, and predestination. Cults associate her with seashells, marriage, and pearls. The lowest form of post-barter currency in Avalon–shells–is derived from the symbolic monetary system first introduced by this Maiden. She is occasionally called the Good Lady of Harmony, and a few weeks after every funeral will be a wake in her name meant to unite families, settle legal differences, and mark the passing of an individual will take place in her name.

Additionally, she is believed to predestine every individual with a unique role in society from birth, and is the only explicitly sapphic goddess. She is the popular patroness of homosexuality and transgender culture. Though every official temple can legally wed a man and a woman, Cypress’s temples can legally wed any two individuals who swear fealty to her. Her descendants are the Murgia family.


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