Goddesses of Dúrev: Aswani

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! Things have been hectic But mark my words, I’ll have the rest of the goddesses from “To Those Who Seek Sirens” up this month.

Of all twelve Maidens in Avalon, Aswani is the only goddess to have a direct counterpart in the major counter-religion of the Bhoja continent. She is the goddess of night and the afterlife, and so more symbolically the goddess of closure and endings. Her cults associate her with masks, amber, and divination, and some consider her the patroness of witches. Her sacred animal is the raven and the noble family who serves her is the Conwell family.

Funeral rites in Avalon dictate two separate ceremonies: one under Aswani, meant for mourning and recognizing loss (usually for close loved ones and friends only, much like a traditional funeral), followed by one under Cypress a week or so later, which is a bigger and more social memorial festivity where legal ends are tied up and the life of the deceased is celebrated. Sort of a formal wake.


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