Goddesses of Dúrev: Fiamma

Collage mood board of red sky, bright metal, bronze woman, and lava rocks.

Also known as Fiammetta or Fianna, Fiamma is the goddess of fire, beacons, and passion. She is known for her favoritism and violent jealousies. Fiamma’s cults associate her with lovers, ambition, and light. In addition, she is the patroness of the home. In small provincial towns her acolytes will conduct processions of blessed candles during winter and provide shelter for the sick.

Fiamma’s many affairs with mortals have also spawned several cults of sexuality, most prominently Fiamma’s Pilgrims, also known as the Jonquil Cult or Cult of Fulfillment. The Pilgrims are not recognized as official doctrine by the crown, and are required to wear a bell around their ankle or a jonquil in their belt to distinguish them. Acolytes of the original doctrine still oversee the legal silk dens, or brothels, which must light red lanterns outside to prove they have permission from Fiamma’s noble family (the Blacketts) to operate.


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