Goddesses of Dúrev: Avelot

Mood board collage of a ship on a sunset horizon, several bowls of powdered spices, a woman's silhouette with windblown hair, and a feather against the sun.

Also known as Aviance, Avelot is the goddess of winds and fortune. Her worshippers track the movements of birds to reveal her will. Avelot is known for her mercy and her protection, but unlike Eva, is usually portrayed as a good-willed and highly subjective goddess who can be personally invoked by anyone. This makes her very popular with the lower and middle classes of Avalon.

Common coastal superstition claims that Avelot regularly tests mortals by placing obstacles or the needy in their path. She is considered highly neutral towards her sister’s squabbles, excepting her sister Eponine the sea Maiden, who she is constantly pushing down into her place as Eponine is constantly pushing up. This is why the sea sometimes becomes choppy.

The patroness of the homestead, Avelot’s cults may also associate her with some forms of alchemy, gambling, and falconry. Avelot is responsible for how one’s luck may turn–for better or worse. Her interpreters are the Liberatore family.


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