Goddesses of Dúrev: Eponine

Next up in Avalon’s pantheon is a goddess who has hated Shay Connelly’s family for four generations.

Collage of sea, white horse, rope, map with compass and ship, lantern on beachside.

Also known by Epona and Epione in different countries, Eponine is the Maiden of water, the seas, and transformation. Her grudges are known to be long-lasting, both against her sisters and against mortal bloodlines. She gives her blessings generously but also lays curses hastily. In some versions of Name mythology, Eponine is the oldest sister. She is the patroness of sailors and traders.

Cults associate her with ships, trading or exchange, contracts, and (mistakenly) sirens, though she may also be tied more generally to material wealth and accruing fortune. Eponine’s sacred animal is white horses, and it’s not uncommon for towns to link the goddess with equine activity. The noble family who serves her is the Xaviera family.


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