Goddesses of Dúrev: Eva

This month’s Nano went well, but so much of it was rewriting at this stage I don’t have any ugly draft excerpts from “To Those Who Seek Sirens” to share! For shame. Instead, here’s a little bit about the world the story takes place in.


Collage of soil, snake bones, green apples, sand, and leaves

The official religion practiced in Avalon is worship of the Twelve Names or Twelve Maidens, twelve goddesses who preside over different domains that construct the natural order. In most versions of their mythology, the Twelve are sisters to each other (even though no one can agree on their age placements). For the purposes of “To Those Who Seek Sirens,” Eva the earth goddess is probably the most plot-important.

Also known by her older name, Dureva–from which the name of the world, Dúrev, is derived–Eva is usually counted as one of the eldest in the twelve. She is the goddess of land, creation, and fortitude. Various cults associate her with fertility, nature, and snakes, and although her domain is life it is more accurate to say she represents the life cycle. She is often depicted in armor. She has strong ties to the afterlife and can be associated with destruction as much as creation.

The noble family responsible for interpreting her wishes is currently the Redford family.


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    1. Thank you! I’m really having fun with the moodboards for these. Although careful about loving Eva, all twelve goddesses have the potential to be selfish and cruel…

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