“To Those Who Seek Sirens” Collection

"To Those Who Seek Sirens" novel cover

In preparation for this coming Nano, here’s all the excerpts from November. It’s exciting–seeing them grouped together makes me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something. It’s taken so much writing and rewriting, and I finally feel like I’ve almost got it right enough for proper beta reading!

Here’s the entire collection of November’s posted excerpts, in order and with links:

Day 1: Selwyn’s Horde
Day 2: Fireside
Day 3: Seagull Eggs
Day 4: Carnelian
Day 5: Schoolhouse
Day 6: Rum and Resin
Day 7: -no excerpt, discussion post-
Day 8: Eva’s Temple
Day 9: Running Fire
Day 10: Porfirio Record
Day 11: Embers
Day 12: Magpie Ship
Day 13: Black Bloom
Day 14: Seal of Gold
Day 15: Abandoned Street
Day 16: Seized
Day 17: Witch’s Jig
Day 18: Swordswoman’s Son
Day 19: Blessed Fire
Day 20: Driftwood Boys
Day 21: Town Witches
Day 22: Pearl White
Day 23: Outskirts
Day 24: Sea Foam
Day 25: Rats Belowdecks
Day 26: Leaving Poetry
Day 27: Dark Magic
Day 28: Foreign Market
Day 29: Sleeping Dead
Day 30: Ship’s Stew
Day 31: Siren Tide

(Nearly all of these are excerpts from the fourteen chapters and two “annexes” of part one, Lotustree. The four other parts are Hawkflight, Fireborn, Inkrose, and Seabound. Part of editing was me realizing I needed to completely rewrite Lotustree with a different character. Whoops.)

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