Day 27: Dark Magic

"To Those Who Seek Sirens" novel cover

Move! Finneth’s warning came a second too late. Kaz’s fingers clamped down on the back of the boys’ necks. His grasp was icy, and black shot through Cyprus’s vision. That iciness spread from the point of contact, sinking dark magic deep into his muscles. Cyprus didn’t know if he’d collapsed or frozen in place standing. He heard in Finneth’s memories the snarling of purple-cloaked Oscuros and the blackness thickened.

Finneth, help, Cyprus begged. He was unable to move. The spirit began whispering a fierce prayer to Eva in his head.

–Elyan White, “Lost and Found”

Apparently I never got around to posting the last set of excerpts from November’s Nanowrimo run. Here they are, adding the new title and cover! It’s a good refresher for April.

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