7 Microprompts for Fairy Tales

Every day before breakfast, Mariela crept out to see the fairy’s maze. She took her mother’s old mirror from the top of its mahogany dresser, blowing off the scraps of crumbling wallpaper, and swiped a scone from the cook’s first batch of the day. The cook followed her with a lazy swipe of her flowery handtowel, but after three years had finally given up on scolding her...

Bird cage with plant growing inside
  • Turning over gold
  • The good fox
  • Looking-glass
  • Blind smoke
  • The shape of
  • Message from the well
  • Before breakfast
  • Just to prove I can take my own medicine, I wrote a short non-stop piece based on these prompts. The link is here if you want to read the whole thing!

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