To Those Who Seek Sirens

"To Those Who Seek Sirens" cover

At long last, I’ve changed the working title of “Lost and Found.” The story is now called “To Those Seek Sirens.”

I’m completing a small project under a different name at the moment, so I realize posting has been positively barren. I’ve gotten a lot done in “Sirens,” though. It’s much better organized than it was before. The chronology has been cleaned up significantly. I neatened things into five parts: Lotustree, Hawkflight, Fireborn, Inkrose, and Seabound.

Camp Nano is coming up for April, so expect the usual avalanche of updates. *cracks knuckles* I’ve got plenty.

(In addition, I’ve been shuffling around some stuff on the site to make things more accessible. Let me know if anything is wonky!)

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