Day 26: Leaving Poetry

Beyond the great blue expanse, the coast of Avalon sat like a circlet atop the waves. It was so far away already Cyprus couldn’t make out any buildings, only the greenish ups and downs of hills.

“There she goes,” Kaz said cheerfully, noting the change in Cyprus’s expression. “Quite a sight, eh? Say your goodbyes proper while you can still see the shore.”

Goodbye? Cyprus swallowed. He couldn’t even tell which hill was Serafina. Which coast was the one where the fires had lit the shore all the previous night? Which peak did the Porfirio school sit on top of? Cold started settling in Cyprus’s bones.

He wanted to ask Shay if he thought Xan and Lonan missed them already. If he thought the pirates might have hurt anyone in town. If this was all their fault, in the end. But he kept mute, and so did Shay.

“Guess I can’t expect a couple of little chicks like you to have any sense of poetic timing,” Kaz sighed.

–Elyan White, “Lost and Found”

Here’s another one for unexpected break-out roles: Kaz Bowman. He’s always been part of the crew, but got swapped in for some previouly “faceless” roles, and he’s since become quite a character.

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