Day 23: Outskirts

Fresh water was distributed through Serafina by a system of tunnels beneath the earth. They ran aboveground in certain places, trickling through small canals where water could be drawn. Beyond the farms, those tunnels and canals merged far away with the rivers and greater canals of Avalon. In every town, water was purified constantly by the temple of Eponine. The further from the source it ran the dirtier it became. In big towns like Felicitas, Lonan had been taught better than to drink water from the outskirts.

The fountain sat at the bottom of the valley, not too far from the temple of Avelot—barely a stone’s throw from their temple of Eponine. Shay dragged his feet after Lonan, but bounced the bucket between his knees with the ease only a young boy and diligent rock-climber could manage.

–Elyan White, “Lost and Found”

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