Day 13: Black Bloom

A solitary auburn-haired figure pored over amber shards split open on a table stacked with maps. With a heavy needle, they chipped at the crinkled legs of spiders and wasps trapped inside. The two seagull feathers sat next to an aged sextant. They didn’t so much as blink at the commotion.

Zerlin stamped her boot sharply. “Black Bloom. I’ve brought you the children.”

The Witch’s head snapped up. They rose from their station like a cat, one shoulderblade knifing after the other.

“Good.” They had a hissing voice, harsh as hailstones. Their black nails dragged over splinters in the desk. “I have questions.”

–Elyan White, “Lost and Found”

There’s the antagonist’s right-hand Witch. Even though they weren’t in the original story concept, they’re now one of the most important characters in the whole thing!

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