Day 9: Running Fire

The runners bolted at the signal. Their feet pounded the rock, all Serafina’s teenagers galloping through the crevasses. Jeanie with the leg she’d broken summers ago lagged, but her torch was the first to find kindling. The long fronds of a fescue patch ignited.

Xan tore ahead over small peaks, finding an alcove of myrtle. Lonan pounced on a cache of heather. Smoke and excited screams wafted with the wind. Lonan stumbled over a gap and laughed, nearly spraining an ankle, but didn’t stop running. The plateau of Eva’s Wall stretched out far, small lights springing up here and there and there, figures hurtling like wasps between.

–Elyan White, “Lost and Found”

Almost all of this chapter is new to the story, so it’s needed a lot of TLC to get it coherent.

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