Declaration of Writing

Huh. I realized I usually declare my Nanowrimo project before November as a formality, so here it is for anyone who hasn’t heard.

“Lost and Found”

Summary: Two men sharing the same secret are ordered by the queen of their kingdom to hunt the most dangerous pirate of their age. The path to a fated encounter is marked by magic, green apples, traitors to the crown, and ancient Witches.

Genre: Fantasy/magical realism

Status: Editing

There she is. No getting out of it now. I’m pulling a funky Nano stunt this November (coming in three days, to my immense hyperventilating), which is that I’m going to try and sift my word count out of new scenes, rewritten scenes, and experiments with chapter openings alone. All my Wrimos, new and old, get ready for a wild ride!

4 thoughts on “Declaration of Writing

  1. Sounds like an interestingly fun read. I still haven’t decided if I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I have my next novel partially outlined but just can’t seem to get into it fully yet. Good luck, and I look forward to your progress updates.

    1. I didn’t enjoy myself very much in the first round of editing, but now that my technique is more refined, it’s become almost as exciting as the actual writing! It’s like I drew a picture and now I get to color it. And it’s true that Nano isn’t something you usually can go into if you’re not feeling the magic, though it’s also true you sometimes find the magic along the way. You are god of your writing world, and therefore know what is best for it.

      (I just got around to checking the day’s notifications. Congratulations on the Sunshine Blogger Award, and thank you enormously for the nomination–plus the very touching compliment! I can’t tell if I like your answers or your questions better.)

      1. I love that analogy! Coloring after drawing. Thanks for the congrats, and your welcome for the nomination. It is well deserved. I always look forward to the posts and updates of your writing adventures.

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