Short Film Showcase

Like all moody young people, I go through phases. Mainly phases in which I deeply appreciate short films.

It’s time for another short film showcase, this time honoring a few films I found on a “cute animal” binge gone terribly awry. In order from lightest to darkest, we have:

Fox Fires

This film is by Keilidh Bradley, whose Patreon here takes the time to talk about the video games she used as inspiration. Go check out her work, you won’t be disappointed.


I can’t go without mentioning “Kiwi!” A friend showed me this a couple years ago and it has since ruined my life. Please enjoy.

Pig Me

Here’s “Pig Me,” which is mostly a funny story about a pig who disguises himself as different animals in order to be adopted as a pet. Mostly. It’s the kind of film that makes you feel very clever right up until it reminds you that you’re not. You can learn more about The Animation Workshop here. Hope you like yodeling, kids. Don’t skip the credits.

The Backwater Gospel

Finally, though this one has nothing to do with animals–except for the crows, I guess–here’s one of my all-time favorite short films. It’s another one from the Animation Workshop, and not for the faint of heart. “The Backwater Gospel” is heavily sytlistic, very gory, and quite horrifying. Consider it a tribute to spook month.

(The “death country” band responsible for the soundtrack, “Sons of Perdition,” has a whole bunch of good stuff here. Also they’re a death country band. Loving that.)

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