7 Microprompts for Selling your Soul

You may or may not have noticed that Google AdSense finally bought my soul after weeks of me trying to sell it. Apologies from Phantasmagorium if the old girl’s a little rough around the edges while everything gets figured out.

In the meantime, start thinking Halloween and cook up some eerie writing from these fragmented prompts for soul-selling.

  • Love for the dead
  • “One of us has to be in charge.”
  • After-school takeover
  • Misunderstood
  • Confections, affections
  • Polishing the knife
  • Can have any you want

2 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for Selling your Soul

  1. Love for the dead: A corpse bride was soon to come.

    “One of us has to be in charge.”: Just take the chalice and begin the words.

    After-school takeover: Never had she seen such behavior from so willing of vessels.

    Misunderstood: These archaic letters will have to be carved into their flesh.

    Confections, affections: A memory for laughs and sorrows is all she could give.

    Polishing the knife: Rusty metal and skin don’t mix as well as you might think.

    Can have any you want: Give or take or borrow or kill; these are your choices.

    Oh, how I missed these😳💀

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