7 Microprompts for Pariahs

I understand I ought to be outcast from the blogging community for neglecting Phantasmagorium lately, but I was on the road. So I’ll just have you write about outcasts instead!

This time, I challenge you to come up with a character based on the prompts below who has for some reason been outcasted. From what? Why? Do they deserve it? More importantly, do they feel like they deserved it? Take some time with this one–I expect results, people.

  • Others’ belongings
  • Rulers in their own right
  • Sandpaper
  • Wedlock
  • Off the grid
  • Worship, blaspheme
  • Swallow

2 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for Pariahs

  1. Others’ belongings: Civilizations beliefs we’re no longer valid according to reality.

    Rulers in their own right: Devon was only trying to help, albeit himself in return.

    Sandpaper: A friction set aflame the desire to produce a lineage of woes.

    Wedlock: He found her deep in the city’s undesirable and unforgiving masses.

    Off the grid: Together, a throne was slowly built, and beyond the forgotten trees, a temple rose.

    Worship, blaspheme: Devon knew his truths to be facts. A new deity to lead and punish.

    Swallow: Devon and Delilah consumed the old Gods and set forth a rebirth. He had never felt less accepted by the people.

    This is my first draft. Just wanted to get things off and going for you😀

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