Pleasantly Infested

You know those ghost skeleton rats in “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” that climb onto your body and slow you down all over? And you can’t see them until you turn on your magic ghost-seeing powers?

But then they don’t actually hurt, and you keep them, because even though you’re overwhelmed at first, you realize they just want to come with you?(And drag you down into quicksand, but it’s really your own fault for walking over quicksand.)

It’s kind of like that. Undying gratitude to all of you. In celebration, I’ve changed a couple of things.

  • First, I made Phantasmagorium a Halloween costume! Yes, I know, it had Halloween colors before anyway, but where else was I going to put this cool-looking-but-otherwise-useless image I made in Photoshop? You’ll have your calla lilies and you’ll like it.

    Plus the menu text turns purple when you hover over it now. Isn’t that twee?
  • Second, I cleared out the WordPress ads everywhere. I’ve asked Google to tango instead; let’s hope the bouquet and breath freshener did the trick. “I’ll have her back by nine ‘o clock, sir.”
  • Third, I’ll be complaining about the editing process for “Lost and Found” on my Ko-Fi page now instead of waiting for Writing Camp months. Check in for daily lamentations, life lessons, excerpts, and bloopers.

That should be everything for the update. Thanks for checking in, and here’s hoping you enjoy Phantasmagorium as much as I enjoy being covered in ghost rats!

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