Writer’s Report 4

Well, that’s September down the drain. October, here I come–but first, let’s take our monthly pause and look back on all the weird shit we searched in pursuit of being better writers. Personally, I think I’ve gained a lot of wisdom since August. How about you?

I wonder if lake monsters live here.

“chinese lake monsters”

“where do hedgehogs live in the wild”

“when were high heels invented”

“what is the average body temperature of a lady bug”

“when did people begin to use wedding rings”

“common insect sex differences”

“how many constellations are there”

“how to pronounce rødgrød med fløde”

“glam metal bands”

“is pot legal in denmark”

“candles in the middle ages”

“difference between acetaminophen and ibuprofen”

I didn’t realize Chinese lake monsters were a thing, but I guess they are. I was just looking to learn about monsters in Chines mythology that might live in lakes; I walked into an Internet conspiracy. I also realized rødgrød med fløde is an impossible sound to make if you are not Danish. No, really. Go listen here.

11 thoughts on “Writer’s Report 4

  1. I really do love to read your writer reports!
    Your new look of the blog is really cool.
    That day, I accidentally spammed your message and even after it restored it, my reply somehow got lost. 😐
    I am really glad that you are well now! My days are going a bit busy, new term at school. But atleast we have a holiday of a fortnight. All the best for your story! I have my finger crossed for it to be published!
    P.S. I read the post about Shatter Me, and I really thank you for your tips. I cannot add a comment there, unfortunately. ):
    Warm regards to you! 💕

    1. Learning things you never thought you’d need to know is half the adventure of writing, I think. I’m glad you enjoy the reports! A holiday from school should be nice–less stressful than your exams, surely.
      (Sorry if my site is behaving oddly, in the wake of updating everything not all the parts are working together smoothly.)

      1. You said perfectly right!
        Well, I am really grateful for holidays but the next exams are just a month away 😔 for them, I cannot participate in NaNoWriMo… Would you participate in it?
        Well, your new site looks really pretty 💕

      2. Yes, I hope to participate–I think I’ll use it as intensive redrafting time for “Lost and Found,” though. Starting a new project sounds like a terrible plan right now. I’m glad you like the new design, I wasn’t sure how it would go over!
        (And if you’re still interested in doing Nanowrimo after exams, the “Camp Nano” version runs in April and July. It’s the same thing, only more customizable and with optional “cabins” of writers. We could even share one, ha ha!)

      3. All the best to you!
        After March, my finals would be finished and I would love to join in April! And the idea about sharing a cabin seems really interesting! 💕

    1. Oh! I’m honored and delighted. Your drawings are beautiful, and I’m touched you chose me as a subject! There’s something very lovely about the shape of the eyes.

      1. If you don’t mind, I’d prefer you chose the colors. Knowing I have a face when I write puts too much of me into characters, so I always represent myself with Elyan the White from the Round Table. His story is sparse, and his title is white like a blank page. However I appeared to you is how I should look!

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