7 Microprompts for Vice

We all have certain guilty writing vices. You might not have noticed yours yet, or might be pretending you haven’t, but you definitely have them. Some are harder to notice than others, but learning what they are is the Ultimate Final Boss Key to successfully editing your own work.

Mine are really really really long sentences, italics, and em-dashes. Also the word “iniquitously.” So, with today’s set of microprompts, I invite you to write the most iniquitously self-indulgent piece you possibly can–to write something purely for yourself to enjoy. Happy writing!

  • A want
  • Kindling Hell
  • Smashing the controls
  • Tilted scales
  • Beautiful war
  • Picking out the red seeds
  • Worship and re-knowing

One thought on “7 Microprompts for Vice

  1. I have a penchant got long sentences too but they require work: they must be carefully planed, and strongly constructed. I will try to write one for my next post 🙂

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