7 Microprompts for Betrayal

Since my body has decided to betray me with a hideous sinus infection, I decided this week’s microprompts ought to reflect it. Shame on you, immune system. Get your act together.

In any case, use these as themes or inserts to create a litter of baby stories, one big writing meatball, or anything you feel inspired–prompted, if you will–to do. Happy writing, everyone! Stay healthy.

  • Dominant instinct
  • Something of similar flavor
  • Among the black
  • Old friends
  • From the same quarry
  • Not quite right
  • “One of us won’t survive.”

2 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for Betrayal

  1. Wishing you the speediest recovery! Lots of love and warm regards…
    Sending you all my dragon healing magic and Tatsuya’s silver feathers and Kaori’s healing herbs… Get well soon 💕

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