Possibly in Michigan

“Have we met before?”

“Possibly in Michigan.”

So today we’re having the equivalent of a Class Movie Day here on Phantasmagorium. In the spirit of rest and relaxation–and extreme discomfort–I thought we’d watch “Possibly in Michigan,” a ten-minute short film directed by Cecelia Condit.


  • Cecelia Condit has A Thing for animal masks in her films. In this one, they actually make a very clever transition from animals in the “predator” sense to the “prey” sense.
  • Strong, independent women. With guns. And knives. And issues.
  • Acid trip surrealism.
  • Severely questionable editing. Plus a truly horrendous stage slap.
  • Michigan.
“Sharon attracted violent men. Strangely, she had a way of making the violence seem like it was their idea.”

“She put her poodle one time in a microwave oven.”

“To eat it?”


“To eat it?”

“Oh, no. NOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOno, silly! To dry it. But it exploded. And they were bothfounddead. She must have been–“

–Out. Of. Her. Head!”

*Cue bopping music and collapsing buildings*

7 thoughts on “Possibly in Michigan

  1. I haven’t yet watched the movie but you make it seem very interesting! I surely would after exams…
    And well, Kaori hasn’t forgotten you… She is still working on it… How are you?
    P.S. I am really sorry for my delay

    1. Well, I’ve managed to make myself quite sick, so keeping up with Phantasmagorium is a little difficult right now. It’s always good to hear from you (and Kaori), though! Is everything going well with your exams so far?

      1. Oh dear, many of my blogger friends are quite sick 😔 Wishing you the a speediest recovery! Lots of love and warm regards to you…
        My exams are going quite fine and by Thursday it would be over 😁

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