7 Microprompts for Growing Up

August 12, if you didn’t catch it, was International Youth Day. Seeing as Internet was quite absent where I stayed, I missed my opportunity to make a post about it. But it’s never too late to take time and appreciate young writers!

Nancy Yi Fan wrote one of my childhood favorites, Swordbird, at the tender age of twelve. That was a HUGE inspiration for a youngster who wanted to start writing sooner rather than later. Most of us aren’t early bloomers like Ms. Fan, I’m afraid, but the scenic route isn’t worth taking too fast. So here are seven microprompts for growing up!

A box of my late childhood.
  • “You’ll grow into it.”
  • Incubate
  • Rock the house
  • Hard like diamond
  • At play
  • Curtains
  • Cold passion

4 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for Growing Up

  1. You’ll grow into it.- “But dad, this knife is too big for me.”

    Incubate- The light warmed the skin that had slowly been morphing from the original scales.

    Rock the house- The first day of college had gotten off to a fantastic start.

    Hard like diamond- “This guy is going to regret he ever met me, ” she said with a sly smile creeping across her lips.

    At play- “This is called a teeter-totter. Its origins are unknown. Some say it is a leftover technology from another ancient civilization.”

    Curtains- As she took her final bow, the crowd sat in silence, stunned by what they had just witnessed.

    Cold passion- Believing in nothing any more, she fled the countryside and headed to the city to find her vengeance.

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