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Quiet unexpectedly, I was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Dragon Warrior at Den of Dreams, who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know lately! My deepest thanks to her; I enjoy our conversations quite a lot and love to read her fantastic imaginings. She is always an incredibly positive influence in the community. Anyway!

(To Dragon Warrior: I listened to “Kokoronashi,” by the way, and then listened to it again many, many times. Incidentally, I also broke my heart many, many times.)


  1. Use the sunshine blogger award logo
  2. Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions
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Dragon Warrior’s Questions:

1. If you had a time machine and could go anywhere, where would you go?

Oh, boy. Well, most of the historical locations I’m fanatical about are ones I would probably not want to go waltzing into. For instance, medieval Spain during the years of Moorish rule is one of my absolute favorite topics of research. But anywhere medieval might not make make the best tourist stop.

If I had a time machine, I might just go to the library, so I had the time to browse more books. Or maybe I could drop in at my own funeral to raise some eyebrows, and proofread the eulogy.

2. Three things for deserted island?

Hmm. A solar-powered laptop, painkillers, and glasses. Though if the island stiffs me out of a good wi-fi plan, I guess the glasses are negotiable.

3. When is your birthday?

I’m a summer baby, born year of the dragon. This caused much chagrin to older boys in my elementary school who were tigers. I was born in July, which might be why seven is my favorite number!

4. What is your favourite chemical element? (for example, Flourine, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen)

I’m fondest of Antimony and Zirconium. Antimony is more traditionally known as kohl, and Zirconium is associated with Zircon, a gemstone which takes a unique blue color under heat. Though I guess I should also give props to the rest of the periodic table for making up the world and keeping me alive.

5. What is your favourite landform? (like hills, valleys, oceans, coasts, delta)

I can never say no to a good gulf. They’re a cool shape, fun to map, and solid, active hubs of civilization and trade. They’re a gimme setting for any fantasy story you want to move around a lot, while still staying fairly local to the starting point. It’s a hassle-free way to mix sea locations and land locations.

6. Something you wish more people would know about you?

That besides awful vision, I have really sensitive eyes! I do my best to smile at people (either in an “I think we could be friends” way or an “I know what what you did last night” way, depending on the mood), but even in weak sunlight the world looks white to me.

I constantly have to squint and glare at things so I don’t get hit by cars or signposts. I don’t do it on purpose. I really do want to be friends! You just can’t tell unless its raining.

7. Do you have a lucky charm?

I do! More than one, actually. Off the top of my head, I own a bracelet with the “evil eye” to reflect evil at its intender, a necklace with a painted dragon eye (see site icon) for protection, and a penny I always keep in the toe of my right boot for luck. I’m very scatter-brained, you see, so I need the extra help.

8. Where was your childhood home?

I lived in the boondocks. Boon. Docks. Like, garden-shed-sized-gas-station-and-general-store marking the halfway point to actual civilzation boondocks. My house was the first one in our neighborhood, and we were surrounded by enormous trees.

I remember in our “backyard” there was an enormous burnt stump. I would pry chunks of the fiery red wood out to grind for “spices” or “potions.” I’ll have you know my secret alchemist’s lab out back was spectacular.

9. Your favourite subject to study?

Writing, English, language, reading comprehension, rhetoric. No contest at all. It was only later in life that history became a hobby of mine, too.

10. What did you want to become as a kid?

When I was little, I wanted to be a painter because I liked making pictures so much. Then I hit about fourth grade, connected the dots between the writing I loved doing and the books I loved reading, and decided I wanted to be a writer no matter what.

(I also remember I looked forward quite a lot to becoming a teenager. Teenagers wore more dramatic clothing, had better haircuts, and got to read books with way cooler covers.)

11. Do you wish to go to school again?

I’m technically still in school, really. But I don’t miss high school that much–I had good times and bad times, so it was neither a good experience nor a bad experience. All my most amazing friends came after that, and I’d never trade them.

School was really just a life experience, though I don’t miss the daily schedule. Between AP classes, homework, and my own personal writing schedule, I had almost daily exhaustion headaches by the end of senior year. Still, I learned a lot about writing in those years I’m grateful I don’t have to learn now. I also get a lot more done now that I set my own goals and deadlines!

Thanks so much for the nomination again! I got to reflect on a lot of things I love and why I love them. Now for you all…

I nominate:

  1. Ashi Akira, who writes (and publishes) collected original poems about the moments we overlook.
  2. johnlmalone, who crafts short, quirky stories and poems (and makes very nice comments, even when he doesn’t have to).
  3. donmvisio, who specializes in striking, sensual graphic design and comic lore.
  4. G. Edward Smith, who brings all kinds of writing resources and creative exercises to the table.
  5. Brian Lageose, who writes wonderfully clever, humorous interpretations of his own life and others’.
  6. Lorraine Ambers, who provides advice to writers on organizing both their noveling process and personal life.
  7. Lauren Jankowski, who interviews asexual artists from all across the ace spectrum in different creative realms.
  8. Marge Cutter, who posts humorous and often heart-warming updates of her adventures trying to understand her own characters.
  9. Shirobanryu, who retells old and modern legends in unique verse.
  10. Little Fears, who tells pleasantly dark jokes based around eerie but charming characters.
  11. The Little Book Witch, who evaluates books, anime, and manga in succinct, appealing reviews.

(No bloggers nominated are required to do this. I know some of you have busy posting schedules or just would prefer not to. Your content deserves to be recognized either way! Anyone inspired by these questions can feel free to answer, as well.)

Questions for You:

1. No getting out of this one, folks. Name your super-powered alter ego!
2. What’s your proudest accomplishment, on your blog or off?
3. How about the one thing you wish was socially acceptable to do in public?
4. Favorite thing you’ve ever created, of any kind?
5. Something you like unironically and will always like unironically?
6. A common misconception people seem to have about you?
7. What motivates you more to succeed: encouragement or adversity?
8. What personal values define you best?
9. Do you believe in any variety of fate?
10) Who is your absolute favorite fictional character?
11) What’s one thing would you like to share about yourself or your blog that I didn’t ask you?

11 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your award and thank you for nominating me.
    I love your lucky charms, The idea of keeping a penny in your boot has completely intrigued me, it’s wonderful. 💙😊

  2. Wow! It was so great to read your answers! I love the conversations with you as well. You are a great writer, and talking with you gives me a wide worldview and techniques. I love listening to songs and suggesting them to you, and I really feel at home with you! Thank you so much for being there 🙂

    1. Sometimes I know I write awkwardly because of inexperience, but your love of creativity always reminds me that the story and the joy of it are the most important parts. You’ve been so friendly with me I daresay you’re a friend! It’s a pleasure to see how many interests we share.

  3. Hi.
    Congrats and Well Done. Done
    Well as So Writ. As well
    🤗 Kudos too. To You.

    👍 Thanks for the Update.
    So Enjoyed In Deed. Indeed
    Your 11. Replies. Stay
    Well. Take Care.

    Till Next… Shiro 😎

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