5 Final Albums to Tell the Story Of

Finally getting settled in the new digs, so this gallery will end off the power metal album mini-series. Get a load off the lighting visuals. Soak in the expressive settings, and think about why they work–what details can you add to your story worlds that give them more kick?

(Marchen Station, by the way, has the singular honor of being the only Japanese power metal band on this list. Their album World of Maquillage is what I can only describe as “pretty metal.” If you want to hear something rollicking and whimsical, give “Zion” or “Song for Gibberish Guys” a listen!)

Artists: Marchen Station, Amazing Maze, Crystallion, Human Fortress, Cry Venom

Albums: “World of Maquillage,” “Amazing Maze,” “A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night,” “Thieves of the Night,” “Vanquish the Demon”

Best Songs: “The Emperor Rising,” “Live or Die,” “Crystal Clear,” “Thieves of the Night,” and “Frozen Heart”

13 thoughts on “5 Final Albums to Tell the Story Of

    1. Then my nefarious ploy has worked, I see. Power metal is mostly for fantasy and history nerds, but it’s got a lot of sci-fi, mythology, and plain old anthems mixed in. French band Qantice even has a sort of solarpunk theme going on in their album “The Anastoria” this year. Thank you for feeding my obsession!

    1. Oh, I’m glad! I don’t know all the kinds of music you listen to, but from the artists I do know you, I think you Marchen Station is the band from this post you’d like best.

  1. Hi! I did hear Marchen Station – World Of Maquillage but really could not believe it was Japanese until I read about the country of origin. Surely this strong and powerful. I fell fired up to write after hearing this!

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