5 Album Covers to Tell the Story Of

Well, I’ll be moving across the state shortly, so you kids are going to have to do most of your own content-writing this week. Boo. But don’t worry, Elyan’s got you covered.

You may remember me preaching the creative merits of power metal to you all before, but this time I’ll show instead of tell. Whether or not you’re a fan of the music, plenty of power metal album covers are writing prompts all by themselves. See what you can cook up from these babies, or just enjoy the pretty pictures!

Artists: Avantasia, Sunrise, Freedom Call, Elvenking, and Fugatta

Albums: Moonglow, Trust Your Soul, Beyond, The Winter Wake, and Tales of a New Century

Best Songs: “The Raven Child,” “All This Time,” “Beyond Eternity,” “The Wanderer,” and “Rise Your Pride”

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