7 Microprompts for Journeys

Well! July’s Camp Nano is over and done with, and here we are in August. I know I had a journey. Most of the time its path was accidental, and the destination was guesswork, but I’ll do it all again in November.

To ease you out of writing withdrawal, or to keep you in the writing habit, here are seven microprompts for the ups and downs of great adventures! Use them however you like.

  • Dry ages
  • Wandering in search of
  • Rest stop
  • Angels and demons
  • Storytellers
  • Bathe
  • Chaste

3 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for Journeys

  1. Dry ages-The rains had come and gone. The others had the power now.

    Wandering in search of-Its been twenty-four years and still no sign of the deserts end.

    Rest stop-She found her true love in an unlikely place.

    Angels and demons-An imaginary war was being fought in the minds of the most disturbed patients.

    Storytellers-While intriguing and entertaining those who spun words couldn’t be trusted.

    Bathe-Mondays, Wednesday’s, and Saturdays, also known as shower days, I hate them.

    Chaste-A new law was being proposed to keep the population at bay. The people were rebelling the only way they knew how.

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