Pack Your Tents, Writers

Camp is now over, Wrimos. It’s time to say goodbye to your campgrounds, your cabins, and the safety of a wordtracker. Now you’re in the wilderness. Use the writing survival skills you’ve learned, and remember, you can always return a better camper in November, April, or July. The more you hone your skills, the longer it’ll take for them to dull again.

Regardless of how much progress you made, you still embarked on something brave. Take the time to hype your project! Tell us how it went. What was it about? What was it supposed to be about? Reflecting on the journey is half the fun of having it, and will prepare you for the next one.

All my gratitude to everyone who kept up with daily word explosions in “The Stars Went Out”–you helped me hold to the challenge!

Umi Siskin walked below the palace bells for the final time, their three-note chorus chiming after him—farewell, farewell, farewell.

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