Day 27: Arrogant Red

The bushes overflowed with every shade and hue, but in particular crimson. It was Shiori’s favorite color, and arrogant red flowers spilled over the blues, purples, and pinks. The other woman servants grumbled about it to each other every now and again–that many in the same soil, they shouldn’t grow like that.

But Shiori could grow any kind of plant.

That’ll never bloom here, they’d warned him countless times. It’ll die.

But they always bloomed. And they never died. Things simply did not die in Shiori’s garden.

-The Stars Went Out

Look, I know, I’ll shut up about Shiori’s hydrangeas. This is the last time I’ll bring them up. Truly red hydrangeas don’t seem to exist naturally, but nothing is natural about the existence of Shiori’s hydrangeas, so I think it flies. If you don’t recognize hydrangeas by their name, take a peek. They’re stunners.

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