Day 23: Wild Lady

“Are you a priestess, Árai? Tell us quick, or over the sea you go.”

Shardae kept her mouth shut. If she said Siskin, they would surely send her back. A life of holy discipline must be better than slavery, but somehow Shardae still felt like she hadn’t run far enough.

“Can’t be,” the other sentry muttered. “No veil, no knot. Practically no dress, either.”

Just say it, Shardae urged herself. The cords were cutting her wrists. Say it. But all she could think of was Calluna dragging her by the arm from the stables–don’t get caught. Well, she’d been caught. The priestess had all but stated she could have nothing to do with her.

The first sentry retracted his spear. “Aw, well. There are plenty of soldiers home from the long season. I’m sure one could use a slave girl. Your loss, wild lady.”

The doors to the wagons slammed shut. The stars went out.

-The Stars Went Out

Aaand second title drop: accomplished. I keep sticking this part in different parts of Shardae’s narrative, trying to figure out where it goes best. It’s tempting to introduce her this way, but then, it also makes more sense in the overarching narrative to let it come later. Might have to jigsaw this a bit.

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