Day 22: The Patriarch’s Letter

Why the sixteenth patriarch of Regnor had invited him to his city was still unclear to Umi.

My only son is a good boy, but he would not go wrong with a soldier’s discipline. If you are willing, I would like you to stay on at my residence and teach him. My priestess has no objection to accommodating you in the women’s quarters, if you wish.

It was the only letter in the entire pile which had not been afraid of the word soldier. It was also the only one which assumed Umi was biologically separate from the other men. Umi had not thought anyone outside Árai Nayzam knew. Why Yasha Volkov did know obsessed him.

I realize this section might sound uninspired, or like the opening of a “Professor Layton” game, but Lord, am I tired. It’ll get the healthy editing it needs later. The bones are where I need them to be. Now join me, Wrimos, for the final week’s charge! Remember, you’ve played a hard game out there, even if you didn’t get where you wanted to be.

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