7 Microprompts for Things in the Dark

When I found out there was such a thing as Ratcatcher’s Day, I had to make it a writing occasion. It celebrates the day the Pied Piper, having lured all the rats out of Hamelin with a magic piping ditty, got real steamed about not being paid and stole all the children.

Maybe celebrates isn’t the right word, actually. I know I’d be upset if someone took my beloved rats away. In any case, enjoy these dark microprompts, and please remember to tip your exterminators!

  • Harbinger
  • Hacksaw
  • “Isn’t that…?”
  • Back too far
  • Antique
  • Forgetting something
  • Hell

5 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for Things in the Dark

  1. Harbinger-The people gathered to hear the words as they echoed from the fiery tower.

    Hacksaw-Bone, flesh, and lifeblood mixed within the teeth of the saw to bring a grin to her face.

    “Isn’t that…?”-The freezer door slammed shut but not before Elaine caught a glimpse of pale blue eyes.

    Back too far-It wasn’t a precise science yet, and a few hundred years off wasn’t unheard of.

    Antique-The Dybbuk box sat alone in the corner of the shop waiting, wanting to be taken home by it’s next host.

    Forgetting something-Looking over the edge of the cliff as his wife, turning in the air as she plummeted exclaimed, “Forgetting something?”

    Hell-Nineveh was like home to her. It had been a millennium since she last set foot in this, her hometown.

      1. That’s fantastic–I know I always look forward to seeing your clever responses. Public but consequence-free writing is a balm, sometimes. I’m thinking about doing them weekly instead of bi-monthly, like I accidentally almost did this month, so I hope to see you there!

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