Day 19: Seller’s Moon

Persis lived tucked behind an old forest, where the houses crumbled into stones and moss. They were the homes of the now-dead, abandoned and overgrown over the years of war. It was an eerie place, where shadowed widows, widowers, and orphans passed quietly through the trees on their way to city proper. They never spoke to each other.

Persis had never heard a door slam in Seller’s Moon. No raised voices, and no babies’ cries—no one wanted to stir up dust from the long season.

-The Stars Went Out

It’s time to focus on Gwyneira Persis a little bit more, since she is a main character despite being the quietest and most laid-back of the cast. Getting to know her is difficult for me, since she’s so stoic and private. It’s part of the reason her importance to the story is shown through private scenes and settings–a personal home, for instance.

(Long season is in-story colloquial for the war.)

6 thoughts on “Day 19: Seller’s Moon

    1. Well, that’s a relief.
      Once I realized I was going to be writing a story centered around a fictional Middle East (Arai Nayzam/Aswajir/Mazafka/Bhin/Nuqis), Eastern Europe (Regnor/Novayar), and Japan (Saikasu) with only very minor Anglia, Greece, and Galicia (Anastoria/Helmacae/Cili), I was worried the names might be too varied to remember well.
      I tried to keep them simple but distinct, so hopefully it’s working!

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  2. I really love Gwyneira Persis! I think her character perfectly similar to mine. I can’t speak a bit and I express everything, every smile and tear, through my pen. Writing and drawing.
    Nice to meet you Persis! If you ever want to share something to someone like you, you have me here. <3

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