7 Microprompts for the Unknown

I had my next set of prompts scheduled for the next few days, but Google helpfully informed me that today is the anniversary of the moon landing. If that doesn’t say inspiration, I don’t know what does.

So in case you were looking to do some writing about footsteps that mean a monument, here is a collection of prompt fragments to mix, match, or select from. Write like you mean it!

  • Vectored
  • Foreign horizons
  • Too human
  • Dim the lights
  • Giving him what he wanted
  • To the crows
  • Brush the sun

4 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for the Unknown

  1. Vectored- The craft was vectored towards an unearthly glow.

    Foreign horizons- Soldiers from both sides looked up in awe.

    Too human- Fido had to be contained, immediately.

    Dim the lights- She would soon be here and her last breath taken under the stars.

    Giving him what he wanted- A warm glass of brandy before stepping off the ledge was considered a generosity.

    To the crows- Nevermore wasn’t their forte. Take what we can and leave them all wanting was more along the lines.

    Brush the sun- Apollo 11’s brush with the suns reflection off of the moon was a three-second blinding experience.

    1. Oh, dear. Dad won’t be happy to hear about Fido; he loved that dog. It’s the only thing he wouldn’t compromise on for the divorce. Swore the dog understood him better than Mum, me, and my brother combined. But then, Dad’s been knocking around that old house for years a bachelor. And he DID love that dog.

      Maybe he’ll be happier than we thought. Stay tuned.

    2. (Your thematic consistency for this set is quite interesting. Sorry for taking your ‘too human’ response to the illogical conclusion, I’m reasonably sure that’s not what you meant by it. But thanks for sharing!)

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