Day 15: Margin Law

This is what the stars have shown us. From this day forward, the Lumisary Legion is disbanded. By the turning of the final lunar month this year, all services for the dead will be concluded. The War of Bleeding Margins is, henceforth, not to be written, mentioned, or preserved in any distasteful way. From thirty-three years of suffering, let us build thirty-three more of perfect peace.

-The Stars Went Out

Yikes. The Internet died last night just before midnight. I didn’t get to update my Nano word count or make my usual post on the story. Here be the plot kickstarter: Margin Law, which decides everyone in the land has to forget the massive war they just ended. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that…

(By the way, Wrimos, your projects are probably hitting the halfway-point now. Push ahead or push through, and be proud of any progress you’ve made–even if it’s not as much as you planned to make. Cheers!)

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