Day 14: Black Blood

They were indoors. The crowd was spread, but it was still a crowd, and in unpredictable motion. Umi switched from the hilt of his Major to the hilt of his Minor.

He spun and drove it straight between the Demon’s empty eye sockets. Then he ripped the blade back out of its head, and drove his Minor a second time into the Demon’s mouth. Its tongue dribbled black liquid. It disintegrated into oil and dust.

A priestess shouted a spell across the room, and a brief silver flash scattered the dust to nothing. Umi raised his Major in swift salute—she knew the gesture, and traced a star over her chest in exchange.

-The Stars Went Out

What’s this? An action scene, in “The Stars Went Out?” It sure looks like it. I didn’t know if this story was even going to have any direct combat in it, but I think I’m settled at least on the one event preceding this clip. Nanowrimo campers, camp on!

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