7 Microprompts for Triumph

Normally I only put out a couple of microprompt sets a month, but tonight’s a special occasion: I’ve officially roped fifty of you into following me! Welcome to the Hotel California. You’ll never leave. (Except not really–I may love you, but I also respect you have your own path and destination, you know?)

I would never have imagined fifty different people willing to listen at once to my writing. A serious thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my content. It’s my sincerest hope you’ve gotten some writer zest out of it, and maybe some laughs. Stay in touch!

  • Savory
  • Like the other
  • Fly unfettered
  • Nowhere to go
  • Fair counsel
  • Because he wanted to
  • Not so impossible

2 thoughts on “7 Microprompts for Triumph

  1. Savory-The killing field was flooded with decaying skin.

    Like the other-The twins met their equally awkward others.

    Fly unfettered-A butterfly lifted the stone with ease.

    Nowhere to go-Just another Monday at the gallows.

    Fair counsel-She wanted something more, but she got him instead.

    Because he wanted to-He jumped because the ledge was boring.

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