Day 9: Smoke Woman

Black smoke bled through the window, billowing over Shardae’s bed in a great cloud. Shardae backed away as it spilled from the sheets to the tile, and a lounging shape began to take form.

The body filled upwards. It started from the toes of pointed boots, ran up crossed legs, and ruffled into the collar of a coat. A face emerged within the whorls of ash. A set of painted fingers combed a trail of drifting hair, and shook out a swathe of curls. Black as smoke.

Solid weight sank the bed. Arsemia Destavola, quite unscathed, smoothed her jacket.

“I didn’t think I’d find you so fast,” she said. “Love what you’ve done with the place, by the way.”

-The Stars Went Out

Well, there’s Ema. She’s a bit ridiculous, and keeps hijacking parts of the story. She’s a secondary character, but keeps making gambles for main by getting into plot points I never meant her to be part of. She also is extremely outgoing, self-assured, and humorous, and completely unlike the existential, depressive rest of the cast. She intimidates them a little, and frustrates the hell out of me. Basically, I love her.

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