Day 2: Starstruck

Something split the sky. Something so huge and burgeoning and sudden it broke space and Shiori’s eyes. The sky was bright, but this was brighter than brightness. All the light he had ever seen in his life was a shadow cast by this light. In the single huge moment it existed, time died.

Shiori stood from the flowerbed, legs weightless. The trees screamed and shook. The anomaly devoured its way over everything. The city vanished tower by tower. Pain lanced through his head, ice and lightning, bursting veins. It was the first time in Shiori’s life he felt what the priestesses called the energy of the cosmos.

Anti-dark obliterated the horizon. His soul and skin liquefied into one vapor. The world brimmed with sightless fire, forever.

Shiori Azar, and everything else, was annihilated.

Two hours later, his servant woke him in the garden. The sky was bland. The patriarch’s towers stood tall and steady. Not a single black gate had toppled. The petal of every hydrangea was prim in its place, except for the bloom in Shiori’s hand, which had been suffocated.

It had also, inexplicably, become white instead of red.

-The Stars Went Out

Rough draft of the “hit by a fallen star” scene. Shiori is a drama queen. The posting series on this story is going to be challenging, because drama and mystery are so important to the plot. Most of my full scenes so far either give away something major or rely on the scenes that do to be understood. Curses. Happy writing!

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