“The Stars Went Out” 2019

Persis’s first order of business after they told her she didn’t have to be a soldier anymore was to go down to the slave market.

She bought the first woman who looked her in the eye.

“War? Why would we have a war?”

Three siblings divided by social class–honored war hero, pampered priestess, and outcast slave–navigate the immediate aftermath of a magic war that drastically warped each of their lives. However, all of Lumis must obey a decree to erase any memory of the war within one year.

Umi Siskin begins teaching magic to the son of a patriarch, and in the process is forced to reidentify himself on a basis of Lumis’s stratified gender history. Shiori Azar insists he has been struck by a fallen star and become an angel, which only his servant believes. Shardae Siskin, slave of a former commander, consorts with violent rebels who will do anything to keep the war fresh in peoples’ minds.

One by one, stars begin to disappear.

That there is the Camp Nano project I’m launching in two days. It’s a weird one, for sure. What do you think? Too weird? I’m excited either way. Good luck to all participating writers!

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