Bunk Up, Writers

Campers, pack your laptop bags–it’s nearly time for the next session of Camp Nano! I’ve already written a post dedicated to describing the process and how to succeed, but if you don’t know, Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is a huge online resource for launching your next writing project any format or genre welcome and meeting a goal of writing time or quantity. Any format and genre is welcome.

I swear by it like most people swear by miracle cures; I participate three months out of the year and practically live off the progress I make there.

The spiffiest part of Camp Nano (as opposed to plain ol’ Nanowrimo) is that you have the option to be assigned to “cabins” of other writers, and track the progress of your cabin as a collective if you choose. This month I’m lucky to have writers Discord_and_Dine, theradrhyguy/happyradishface, Alex Gentry, and Hayley Springer in my cabin. Ain’t no gracefully bowing out of this commitment, bucko.

Even if you don’t think you can do it, don’t worry! Any step you take towards completing your masterpiece is still a step forward. It’d tickle me pink to see some names I know around camp. Announce your project for July!

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