Day 27: Gennaro

Day 27: Gennaro

James scowled at a group of tourists. “So. Italy. what do we do now?”

Triston pointed. A Catholic cross stabbed regally above the surrounding buildings.

“There are less elaborate ways of telling me to wait for a miracle, you know,” James said peevishly. “And I’m Wiccan.”

“Naples Cathedral,” Lizzy said. “The Assumption of Mary, or the Cathedral of Saint Januarius, if you prefer.”

It stood packed between squat, colorful buildings. Its white, age-crusted tiers refused to slouch even an inch towards the brick roofs, even under centuries of history.

-Black Dragon

Hey, now. After twenty-seven days of Camp Nano, you’d think you were funny, too. Only three more of these to finish charting the Nano draft progress I made in April (before my computer met its spectacular demise), and July Nano boldly encroaches.

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