Day 26: Cassio

Day 26: Cassio

A man with truly massive forearms stood framed in the door. Leonine, glossy blond, and grinning, he sleazed over to them. For the first time, James knew what his cousins who smiled their way out of everything and showed off hickies in the summer might look like as adults.

The hard chisels in his face and shoulders, silvering stubble, and the tic-tac-toe grid of scars up his neck reminded James of an old wolf. He held out a hand, broad and calloused, and winked a blue eye when James took it.

“Cassio,” he said, showing off his solid teeth. “I’m Aurelius here. I tell people what needs doing and what needs killing.”

-Black Dragon

The first character introduction concept for Cassio, the “Aurelius” in charge of the Fallavollitas. Combing back over the draft, I realize I have a lot of trouble keeping his dialogue consistent. The man’s all over the place, really, but I think I’m getting a better grasp of him.

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