7 Microprompts for Pirates

Seeing as it’s World Oceans Day, I thought today might be a great excuse for some pirate-themed writing prompts. Anyone who’s seen Lost and Found pop up around my blog knows I need zero excuses to shoehorn more pirates into everyone’s day, but Lord knows I’ll take them when I see them.

Down these all in one go, or spread them over your writing day. Whether you prefer loose guidelines or word-by-word challenges is up to the writer, but do your best writing! Or your worst–whatever it takes to get words on the page.

  • A part of the game
  • Ace
  • They look inside each other
  • Big brother doesn’t know
  • With the waves
  • An outlet
  • Years of beauty

(Nerd Note: The bottle is actually something my Dungeon Master made himself for one of our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. The party rolls for healing potions this way. How cool is that? )

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