Day 3: The Immortal

Black Dragon

He wore a strange, long coat of wide patterns in blue and vermillion. His hair was shaved up both sides of his head and tailed high in the back, sea-green and not well-kept. His eyes? James didn’t like to think of them—they were blue, deep and blackish, but never caught light or shone. Burn scars were etched around each, odored faintly by old fire. The man’s eyelids were raw and pink without eyelashes.

He also…smiled. Draca did not smile when they greeted each other. As dragons, they threatened with their teeth. It was a challenge.

This man walked out the middle of a lake, dry as a dragon’s breath and smiling.

Mentor character archetype accidentally became villain archetype in story. Oops? At least he’s colorful. My ugly Nano rollercoaster continues at full speed.

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