It was impolite (and embarrassing) to mention, but the draca still kept scattered Human families outside, who paid tributes from the medieval days of pikes and unflattering drawings. Nowadays, they sent their virgins more as community service and wildlife monitors than they did as free lunch.

The wildlife, usually, was in need of monitoring anyway—it was an open secret to those with magic-savvy that dangerous or endangered magical creatures were relocated to Dragonhalf.

The very last dire wolves had been shipped in three years ago, plus a pack of Hellhounds mistaken for the same thing. The draca had not bothered with corrections, and the resulting direhound puppies were huge, fire-eating, and adorable (though intruders usually found them less so).

-Black Dragon

Here be dragons–and direwolves, direhounds, Hellhounds, and griffons. Welcome to Dragonhalf, home of the dragonkin.

Day 1 of Camp Nano is over, and I’ve already created a new species! This is gonna be a good one, folks, I can feel it. Best of luck to fellow ‘Wrimos, and expect more “Black Dragon” as April continues.

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