“Black Dragon” 2019

“Outside the unintelligible grumbling and angry hissing of dragon language, the home of the draca was known as Dragonhalf, Crown of Dragons. The original words translated into something more like Grave of Dragons, but the two were synonymous to draca.

Once assigned, authority could not be escaped by the holder or revoked by those beholden. Unsurprisingly, in the history of draca rulers, only a handful had died from confirmed natural causes. “

-Black Dragon

Isolated from ordinary people into an obscure clade of individuals who carry dragon blood, James Winston has never been much concerned with the outside world. But when his brother Eric announces plans to attend a Human boarding school in England, James’s life begins to get complicated.

A mysterious man compels James to assist him in a series of gruesome magical tasks, and then Eric is abducted by a genocidal cult who perform ritual slayings. To save Eric and get back home, James suddenly has to tangle with brutal dragon law, covens, the magic mafia, and-God forbid-21st century humanity.

Announcing my April 2019 Camp Nanowrimo project! This is a story I’ve struggled to get off the ground for years, mulching it and rewriting it to death. After “Lost and Found,” I think I’ve finally learned enough about my own style to understand why the original story didn’t really suit me. Now I feel ready to do “Black Dragon” right, even if the prototype cover…might be a little too edgy.

In any case, I’m extremely excited to explore the Draca society and James’ ridiculous grumpiness, and I can’t wait for the Nano high to kick in April 1st! To any fellow Wrimos, I wish you a wild, raw month of creativity.

Snake skin (flickr) and smiley face (flickr) were edited by me in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. So were the red splotchy bits, but I made those myself.

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